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Danuta Nawrocka


Born in 1962 in Strzegom, Poland, Danuta Nawrocka studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń during the years 1985-1990. She went on to complete a postgraduate degree in Pedagogy of Creativity and Skills at her alma mater in 1998. She runs "Galeria Miejska" and "Galeria w Ratusz" in Inowrocław. Se is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers of the Warsaw Branch, the Bydgoszcz Artistic Association and the Bydgoszcz Główna Artistic Inclusions Bureau.

Danuta Nawrocka is most known for her distinctly unique artwork integrating drawing and painting. However, she is a multi-faceted artist who is also involved in sculpture, installation art, performance art and video art. 


The artist has had her artwork presented in over 10 individual and 22 collective, community and national exhibitions. Danuta Nawrocka's work can be found in museums, and in numerous galleries in Poland and abroad including exhibitions, individual and group art performances and festivals.


Most notably, collections of her artwork have been presented in Poland, Germany, Turkey and Ukraine, including the Art Museum of China in Hangzhou and the Hernandez Art Gallery in Milan 2016. In South Korea, her artwork was housed in Jang Eun Gallery and exhibited at Mosan Fine Arts Museum for the 13th World Art Symposium (one of the largest art spaces in the world -Gaehwa Art Park in Boryeong), Gukje Art Museum and the Daegu Museum. The latter exhibitions were held under the patronage of the Polish Embassy in Seoul, and Ambassador Krzysztof Majka personally opened these cultural events together with the Chancellor of Keimyoung University and the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Daegu, Professor Shin Ilhi, a great distinction and recognition for the works of the Polish artist.


Nawrocka participated in many international festivals of performance art and took part in the 2016 Berlin Art Festival "48 Stunden Neukölln. Furthermore, she was invited by the critic and art historian prof. Giorgio Gregorio Grasso to participate in the 57th Venice Biennale, where her painting from the series "The rustle of my thoughts" was presented . Her artworks were also presented by the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic - European Art Center in Białystok where director Damian Tanajewski focused on a rich and varied repertoire of opera, music and theater performances, symphonic concerts, but also on the presentation of good contemporary painting by both Polish and foreign artists. Her artwork is collected by the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia, and collectors in over sixty countries around the world, including collections privately held Toronto and New York.

Awards & Distinctions

As a laureate of many competitions, she is the winner of the art glass competition organized by Huta Szkła "Irena" in Inowrocław. She received a distinction at the 13th International Art Symposium in Mosan Fine Arts Museum in South Korea as a representative of Poland, among 12 artists from different countries of the world.


Professor Barbara Marcinkowska, a world-famous musician and virtuoso, has said that Danuta Nawrocka's art evokes many reflections on life and existence, masterful craftsmanship and great sensitivity carrying so many positive emotions. "[Trans.] Her phantasmagoric drawing is formed by extraordinary delicacy, with perceptible vibrations and rhythmic pulsations, impossible to describe, just like music. The work of Danuta Nawrocka, thanks to the great sensitivity of the artist and also the masterfulness of her art, awakens many reflections on the mystery of life and existence. " "...I imagine that her paintings are instruments with an infinite number of strings on which the artist expresses her ideas, thoughts…"


Professor Marian Stępak, visual artist, painter, professor at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń notices the subtlety of the artist both in her personality and her work: "[Trans.] Looking at Danuta Nawrocka's paintings and drawings, one can clearly see the focus that remains after sifting through various sensations and rejecting the banal. Delicacy and lightness guides the viewer to associate with the movement of the lines and conveys to the viewer in which areas of their own experiences and ideas one should look for their answers. Such a feature characterizes her art because her pieces do not intend to impose everything in its direct contact with the recipient."


Italian poet Claudio Florentini also noticed similar emotions when he wrote a series of poems devoted to the work of the Polish painter. "[Trans.] Danuta Nawrocka's painting inspires and evokes emotions, in her paintings you can see the joy of life that the artist manifests on a daily basis"

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Art Experience & Exhibitions

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