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Krzysztof Recko-Rapsa 


Krzysztof Recko-Rapsa, is a painter and graphic artist who lives and creates in Koszalin, Poland. He founded the TWA artistic group whose purpose was to promote young artists. He is a member of the Polish Society of Artists and the Coastal Artists Promotion Association ERA-ART in Gdynia. His painting conjures up a magical world, a world of free association of ideas. artist's adventure with colour began in the 80s with a series of exhibitions in Germany, i.e. Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hilden and Solingen, and since then it has led him through a number of exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Rapsa’s work has been described by the most renown specialist magazines, such as Misoolsidae, Culture & Business Jurnal CNB+ARTiN and Cultural Weekly, and information with photographs from the exhibition opening were published by The Korea Herald and The Korea Times. The Art. Magazine Misoolsidae posted rave reviews qualifying Rapsa to the world forefront abstract painters. To quote the words of the Polish Ambassador in Seoul (1st Oct. 2012), “He does not aspire to be there - he is there already”.  


His works are housed in numerous galleries and museums as well as in private collections both at home and abroad, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, USA, Canada, Australia, Belarus, England, the Netherlands and South Korea. 

Exhibitions & Art Fairs

Many venues have exhibited his works, including the Polish Embassy and the art gallery of The Polish Cultural Institute POSK in London, the “Solvay” Gallery of Cracow’s Contemporary Art Centre, the Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin, Tizengauz Gallery and the State Museum in Grodno, the Palace of Republic in Minsk (Belarus), the Polish Union of Writers and Porthos Gallery in Warsaw, Profile Gallery in Gdynia, Glaza Art Gallery in Gdańsk and Museum in Koszalin. In van Golik Gallery in Warsaw he opened the 2012 artistic season. In September 2012 in a prestige Jang Sun Gallery in Seoul he had an individual exhibition, where he was proclaimed the “poet of colour”. The exhibition made this contemporary abstractionist the best-known in South Korea.


His paintings have been used in the film “The Art of Physics” and his works featured in the film “Fortunately there is Art” made under the auspices of the National Museum in Gdańsk. Moreover, photocopies of Rapsa’s paintings have been used while filming a popular Korean television series (KBS TV channel) and decorated the rooms where the Polish feature film “Antitherapy” was shot. Rapsa’s works have appeared in many publications, and he designed a number of book covers.

Awards & Distinctions

In reward for his artistic achievements at home and abroad he received a prize from President of Koszalin city in 2011, was distinguished with the Koszalin Eagle Award in 2011 and awarded at the VI International Biennale of Painting and Tapestry “Colours and Textures” in Gdynia City Museum (2011). In 2012 he received a jubilee prize from Koszalin President in recognition of 25 years of creative work. In 2012 in Seoul he received honorary mention and was the only foreign artist invited to the Festival of Korean Art. Also in 2012 he won an award from the European Painting Competition “Hues of the Sea” with an individual exhibition to be arranged for him in 2013 at the famous yacht “Dar Pomorza” by the Central Maritime Museum.

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Art Experience & Exhibitions

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