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Oh Ji Yoon

Artist Introduction

Artist Oh Ji Yoon is a graduate of the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Hongik University, with a focus on research on materials and techniques.


Her characteristic style is made by layering birchwood and hemp fibers overlapping six to 7 times, followed by her signature bold colours and completed by delicate gold leaves. The exaggerated layering of materials makes Oh's artwork famously heavier than other paintings.  

The technique required to work with gold leaves is a very sensitive and delicate process requiring Oh to work with a clean and restrained mind, a state she obtains from the ultimate power of immersion from the "danjeon". Danjeon is a form of meditation rooted in traditional Korean practice, based on breathing designed to enhance one's level of psychic energy.

Oh Ji Yoons works convey a feeling of elegance, principle and a clean life. The artist's meditative techniques of incorporating repetition in her techniques, representing nature in her materials, and deep monochromatic colours and intuitive, monotonous repetitive lines express human selflessness, a tranquility and zen that resonates throughout her work.

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