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As a writer-turned-painter, Uny seeks to overcome the limitations of speech and words to express feelings and notions with visual images. By communicating with the world through warm and cheerful paintings conveyed by animal shaped characters interpolated with bright and intense colours, Uny has the unique ability to weave a story from one canvas to another. 


The young, South Korean artist reimagines the world through animals, juxtaposing both the light and heavy aspects with the use of colour, layering and other techniques using various materials to create thick textures. The process of putting a story on a picture mobilises imagination and allows for a new perspective and different interpretation of her work, unique to every person. 


이화여대 영문학 학사 English, B.A. at Ewha Womans University

고려대학 영문학 석사 English M.A. at Korea University

홍익대학교 미술대학원 화화전공 Majoring in Painting at Graduate School of Fine Art, Hongik University

​저자의 말

글을 읽고 쓰고, 그림 그리는 것을 좋아한다. 다채롭고 강렬한 색감을 동물형상의 캐릭터에 입혀 밝은 에너지를 이끌어 내어 따뜻하고 경쾌한 그림으로 세상과 소통을 시도하고자 하는 작가이다.

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Art Experience & Exhibitions

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